Did The Beach Boys Really Make Surf Music?

Beach Boys: One of the Important figure of Surf Music

Beach Boys: One of the Important figure of Surf Music

As we all know the Beach Boys were one of the most popular bands of the 1960’s period before The Beatles. Yet there are still so many discussions as to what their true genre was in the first place. Some say they simply played rock ‘n roll, some said that their songs were actually like the Beatles’- rock but novelty, serious but full of charisma. However, many would try to consider the Beach Boys as surf musicians since they belonged on that era. But what are they really? Explore different arguments with us as we travel back in time to review the works of the Beach Boys.


Although the Beach Boys did a lot of songs that were really good in terms of harmonics and instruments, they had one common difference with surf music- the vocals. Surf music really had to have no vocals at all or that majority of the music were instruments. The Beach Boys however, even if they had almost the same beat and rhythm with your common surf music, they played songs with vocals. They were more of The Beatles than of a surf music band according to many. But is this difference enough for us to tell that they never really belonged to the surf music genre?


                The Beach Boys who were originally managed by their father rose into fame and fortune in the field of rock and roll in the year 1961. As we all know, this was the time by which Surf music also started out. Surf music by this time was still so young and that it would still need lots of efforts from not just any band but from a band who can make the people develop an affinity towards surf music. Hence, if The Beach Boys weren’t really into surf music, why would they not grow side by side with it? The fact of the matter was that Surf music grew as the Beach Boys grew, hence, both entities must be related somehow, that is why people always say that the Beach Boys really played surf music since that was the genre that was hit that time.

However, aside from surf music, there were also other genre in the field of music that were proliferated by other musicians that time. RNB and country music was still made by some artists during that time. If you as an artist was born in an era of surf music, does that automatically make you a surf musician?


The Beach Boys really made good content throughout their career. And although they had one striking difference with surf music- and that is their prominent vocals, they made up for it by making their songs paralleled to themes of going the beach, surfing, strolling, things that were of the same goals with surf music. Also, their guitar leads, distortions, and reverbs were exactly surf music by nature. So does this one technical thing enough grounds for them not to be called as surf musicians?


                Even if by nature they were more like of The Beatles, the fact that they drove flocks of people towards surf music means that they were indeed committed to the goals of that music. They sang songs about the beach, summer and surfing and they helped people become aware of what surf music is all about. Hence, at the end of the day, we can really say that all they did was prop up the surf music industry even if it was still so young.


                In the end it can be concluded that the sole difference between the music of Beach Boys and the characteristic of surf music shouldn’t be enough of a ground to say that indeed the Beach Boys were not surf musicians by heart. True they might have a difference, but they are an exception- a unuique band that helped surf music grow.