Dick Dale: The Cornerstone of Surf Music

Dick Dale: The Father of Surf Music

Dick Dale: The Father of Surf Music

Surf Music has been one of the founding bricks of rock ‘n roll. Ever since it was made, rock ‘n roll skyrocketed and became a common staple among the ears of many people. However, Surf music did not just came out of nowhere. It was developed and invented by a person who had a lifelong dream of creating a name in the world of music- Dick Dale.


Dick Dale or named by his parent s as Richard Monsour was born in May 4, 1937 in Boston. He grew as a humble teen with an early interest in music. While he was in high school he learned how to play the guitar in such a way that the drums can be substituted by mixing rhythm and lead. Dale was left handed so he would transpose every chord in his mind into a left-handed one. He was popular for playing his guitar in reverse- and he taught himself all the way. Before he was able to graduate, he had to transfer since his father got a job in California. Here he started to invent the surf music. He developed an affinity in surfing at age 17.


                On his free hours young Dale would continually experiment with his guitar for beats that could perfectly simulate the sea and surfing. He then got a chance finally to perform at the Rendezvous Ballroom where he broke all the past records in attendance. Before a jam packed crowd, Dale would perform every night with people dancing and screaming due to the beat he was popularizing. Thus, surf music was finally born.


                Fender would then be one of his greatest allies and friends as he would be the genius who would be supplying Dale with remarkable technological advancements in the field of electric guitar. Fender customized every electric guitar, speaker and reverb effect maker for Dick Dale since the latter’s music was just too powerful and more often than not typical guitars would easily break after a few performances.

One of the famous story goes that one day Dick Dale tried out Fender’s reverb distortion effect to his vocals in order to make his voice more powerful. However, he had an idea of using the equipment instead on his guitar. It actually sounded so good that reverbs nowadays are already used for real guitars.


                Dick Dale was able to contribute a lot in the industry. Making more than 20 albums for the industry, he was able to popularize the name of surf music. Also, he was able to influence a lot of artists to follow his lead and ultimately create a following of many other bands creating their name in the field of surf music. He was able to collaborate with more than 15 bands and was able to inspire more due to his career.


                All in all, Dick Dale was indeed a hero in the field of surf music. He was able to create the genre itself and more than that he was able to inspire a lot of musicians to also follow his path.